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The TMJ disorder is another name for the temporomandibular disorder. This problem can be quite inconvenient and troublesome. To help you know more about the TMJ disorder in Renton, Washington, our doctor, Dr. Kevin Huynh, is happy to share some TMJ facts with you. The more you know, the better. Those facts are:

-The temporomandibular joints are the joints that hinge your jaw. They make it possible to open and close your mouth as well as chew, eat, talk and even swallow. They are the joints that connect the jaw to the skull.

-There are many symptoms of the TMJ disorder, like clicking and locking in the jaw, ear pain, jaw discomfort, difficulty chewing and more.

-Typical causes of the TMJ disorder include joint misalignment, arthritis, stress, injury to the jaw, teeth misalignments, bruxism and more.

-There are many treatments that can help treat and soothe the disorder, like taking prescribed medications, using a bite guard when you sleep, physical therapy, using relaxation techniques, soothing the joint, stretching and more.

-Dr. Kevin Huynh can help treat the TMJ disorder as well as protect your teeth and jaw by prescribing a bite guard.

To learn more about the TMJ disorder, please reach out to our dental team at The Renton Dentist today. All you need to do is dial (425) 226-3192 and we will be happy to give you the answers, information and help you need. We look forward to talking with you!