Tooth Hazards: A List

Protecting your pearly whites from injury is an imperative at , and we understand that you’re not always going to be in our office. That’s why we, along with Dr. , have put together a list of tooth hazards for your benefit. Read over this list and commit to shield your pearly whites by evading… Read more »

Increased Fluoride Exposure Can Strengthen Your Teeth to Help Prevent Dental Caries

Dental caries occurs when an acidic environment builds up in your mouth. As the plaque acids from poor oral hygiene increase, it can start to demineralize an increasing amount of tooth enamel. This gradually allows the natural bacteria in your mouth to create a large area of tooth decay. Fortunately, exposing your teeth to fluoride… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Easily Improve the Appearance of the Teeth in Your Smile

Cosmetic and minor physical imperfections that appear on the teeth in your smile can drastically affect your appearance. Rather than living with decreased self-confidence, you should consider scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. . In a single appointment can assess the nature and severity of the imperfections on your teeth and provide you with the… Read more »

Halitosis and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

Have you ever asked yourself what bad breath is and what causes it? Even though it can often be misconstrued as smells arising from foods you eat, bad breath is often the result of bacterial odors that come from your mouth. Bad breath can be produced by a variety of underlying conditions including infection in… Read more »

The Oral Health Care Guidebook to Dental Implants

Your oral health should always be at the forefront of your mind, as every smile you give depends on it. Although oral accidents and injuries can occur at any time, tooth replacements need to be used to ensure you have a full smile that will function correctly for the many uses we require from our… Read more »

Oral Health Services: Toothache Treatments

Are you feeling pain or discomfort from your mouth and suspect that a tooth is the cause of it? If so, more than likely you have a toothache, which is caused by damage to the nerve endings of a tooth. Therapies for toothaches depend on the damage involved. If your toothache continues, you could be… Read more »

Will Dental Bonding Help My Smile?

Things can happen over the course of your life that can affect your smile. Tooth decay might set in, your teeth may become cracked, chipped or discolored, roots can become exposed or a filling may need to be replaced. At we offer dental bonding to restore your smile. Dental bonding is one of simpler restorative… Read more »

Teeth Whitening Can Boost Your Self-Esteem by Enhancing Your Smile

Your smile can make either a good impression or a bad impression. If you have a stained, discolored smile, it will oftentimes make a bad impression. Having a dull smile can also hinder your self-esteem and make you feel embarrassed about your appearance. If this is the case for you, it’s time to consider whitening… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Healthy With Daily Brushing

If you keep your smile healthy with daily brushing, then we have excellent news for you! Daily brushing of your teeth will help fight tooth decay and prevent other oral health disasters from invading your smile. That is why our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about brushing your… Read more »

A Porcelain Crown Restoration Might Be Needed to Repair a Tooth in Your Smile

The teeth in your smile typically have shallow tooth enamel compared to the premolars and molars in the back of your mouth. When a chip or modest area of tooth decay develops on one of these front teeth, the compromised area of tooth enamel might be too large for Dr. to viably secure a filling… Read more »