What to Know about Fillings

Dental fillings are perhaps the most well-known and commonly conducted dental procedures in the country. Unless you’re extraordinarily lucky, you’ve likely had a filling at some point in your life. If not, you know someone who has. If you end up needing a filling (to prevent any current tooth decay from spreading) then you need… Read more »

Improving a Tooth in Your Smile with a Dental Crown

Imperfections in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious. This leads many people to contact Dr. to explore their restoration options. One of the most popular options recommends is to restore the enamel layer of the tooth with a dental crown in , . A crown replaces the enamel layer with an artificial material. While… Read more »

Alcohol: How it Affects your Oral Health

On average, out of every $100 dollars an American spends, one goes to alcohol. While having alcohol isn’t uncommon, did you know that it can cause serious damage to your oral health? In other words, while you have probably heard that red wine will stain your teeth, you could be causing more harm to your… Read more »

What are the Facts About Plaque and Tartar?

When it comes to dentistry, there are a few terms and phrases that can be confusing. For instance, you’ve probably heard of plaque and tartar—but do you know what the differences actually are? Plaque is made of bacteria containing food particles and saliva. Plaque usually forms around your teeth. Fortunately, plaque is soft and sticky,… Read more »

Dental Care Through the Ages

Dental care has developed greatly over thousands of years, with most scientific developments occurring in the last few centuries. Dr. and our team would like to educate you about dental history. Dentistry in Ancient Times A Sumerian text from about 5000 BC describes “tooth worms” that cause dental decay. The first reference to a dental… Read more »

Stocking Common Oral Care Items in Your First Aid Kit

Injuries can happen to your mouth, like any other part of the body. Oral injuries and emergencies can sometimes have serious ramifications. Just like how you have bandages and antiseptic in your first aid kit to deal with cuts and scrapes, you should also stock some common oral care items in your first aid kit… Read more »

Screening for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is the most common cancer in the head and neck family, being found in close to 50,000 new patients every year. It is also quite deadly, with less than a 60% 5-year survival rate. However, if it is caught early, oral cancer is quite treatable. Getting screened at is one way to give… Read more »

DIY Dental Emergencies

Ideally, if you experience a dental emergency, you would visit the dentist as soon as possible. However, there will be times when going to the dentist isn’t an immediate option. When this happens, there are steps you can take to minimize damage and risk of infection. 1. Knocked out tooth If you lose a permanent… Read more »

Bang for your buck!

REPLACING A MISSING TOOTH WITH AN IMPLANT IS LIFE CHANGING!!! Even if it’s a back tooth- every smile, every meal and every conversation will be much improved because it increases your confidence, you comfort and your ability to function.  We consider dental implant crowns to be the next best thing to “regrowing” your own tooth. … Read more »