After you have received gum surgery our dentist will provide you with post-op care instructions. Please review these instructions and follow them to help ensure you heal without complications. Call The Renton Dentist at (425) 226-3192 if you have any questions about gum surgery in Renton, Washington, or to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Kevin Huynh.

Caring for your mouth properly following gum surgery is critical to the success of your procedure. After your treatment we recommend that you:
• Do not eat for about three hours after your treatment, then maintain a soft diet for two to three days. Avoid alcohol, carbonated drinks, and hard or brittle foods that could injure the surgical site. Be sure to stay hydrated.
• Take all prescribed antibiotics and medications as directed. You may use a non-aspirin pain reliever as needed. If you have a reaction to a medication (nausea, a skin rash, etc.), stop taking the medication immediately and contact our office.
• Slight bleeding and oozing after gum surgery is normal and may occur for up to 48 hours after your procedure. If bleeding persists, you may apply a moistened gauze pad or tea bag to the site at 20-minute intervals. Keep your head elevated. If bleeding does not stop, please call our office.
• Use an ice pack or cold compress to help reduce swelling.
• Maintain good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth very lightly the first night. You may resume flossing gently again the next day. Do not use any irrigation devices (such as a Waterpik®) until you are cleared to do so.
• Do not smoke for at least 48 hours. Smoking can cause significant delays in the healing process.