Welcome to The Renton Dentist! At our dental office in Renton, Washington, we make the overall health of our patients our primary concern. We genuinely care about everybody who comes into our office and we make sure that everyone gets the time and attention that they deserve. We take the time to listen to each of our patients questions and concerns, and we never let patients leave with unanswered questions.

We are very family oriented, and we work for the long-term comprehensive dental care of every patient. We stay true and honest to what is in each patient’s best interest. We have incorporated all of the latest dental technology in our practice to create a better dental experience for all of our patients. Over the years, Dr. Kevin Huynh has developed a high level of excellence in restoring dental implants and invisible orthodontics. We are able to provide a wide array of treatments to help you control your dental health.

We want to invite you to learn more about us and what we can do for you. Please take the time to browse through the pages of our website. If you have any questions about what we do here or how we can take care of you, please don’t wait to call us. We’re always ready to answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment today!